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    STRIDA LT Folding Bicycle Line

    Experience urban mobility with simplicity and style with the STRIDA LT Folding Bicycle. This streamlined model offers essential features for city commuting in a lightweight and attractive package.

    Key Features:

    1. Folding Technology: The STRIDA LT features the signature triangular frame that folds swiftly and effortlessly, allowing for convenient storage in compact spaces like apartments or offices.
    2. Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic 16-Inch Wheels: Ride confidently on durable 16-inch wheels made from glass fiber reinforced plastic. These wheels provide a smooth and reliable ride over urban surfaces while maintaining a lightweight build.
    3. Simplified Seat Holder: The STRIDA LT’s seat holder is designed for practicality, offering a comfortable seating position for urban commutes.
    4. Belt Drive System: Enjoy a quiet and low-maintenance ride with the belt drive system, ensuring smooth pedaling without the hassle of traditional chains.
    5. Single Speed Transmission: The STRIDA LT is equipped with a single-speed transmission, perfect for city environments where gear changes are minimal.
    6. Compact and Lightweight: Weighing just 10,9 kg, the STRIDA LT is easy to carry when folded, making it ideal for commuters navigating busy streets or utilizing public transportation.
    7. Modern Aesthetic: Despite its simplicity, the STRIDA LT maintains a modern and attractive appearance, available in a range of stylish colors to suit your personal taste.
    8. Efficient Braking: Equipped with reliable brakes for safe and responsive stopping power in urban settings.
    9. No Kickstand: The STRIDA LT is designed for portability and efficiency, featuring a sleek profile without a kickstand.

    The STRIDA LT Folding Bicycle offers essential features for urban commuting, combining functionality with a minimalist design that’s both practical and appealing. Discover the convenience and style of the STRIDA LT as you navigate city streets with ease and confidence.